My Issues with Notion Templates
My Issues with Notion Templates

My Issues with Notion Templates

My Issues with Notion Templates

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☝🏾 I have an issue with the Notion templates trend going on at the moment… let me explain!

First off, let me say that templates in Notion serve a very useful purpose…

  1. Provide ideas on how to structure and format a useful workflow in Notion.
  2. Give you a place to start when you didn’t know where to begin.
  3. Provide a framework for you to incorporate into an area of your life/work or specific project that helps move you forward.
  4. Help you organize an otherwise chaotic workspace in Notion.

These are just a few positive ways that templates serve a very useful purpose in the Notion Ecosystem. But at the same time they introduce a few issues... let me explain...

Issues with Templates

Once you have downloaded that template…

  1. Where do you put it?
  2. How do you integrate it into your system?
  3. Are you going to have to adjust your current system to accommodate this template?
  4. How much time is it going to take to integrate this template into your system?
  5. Do you even know how to properly utilize the template if it is really complex and detail oriented?
  6. Does this template solve a long-term problem or a short term problem? Is this problem worth solving?
  7. Do you have answers to any of these questions?

The problem is 👉🏾 templates are like the ingredients to a meal all put together into a very pretty package but you still have to cook those ingredients to make a meal. My point is, templates in themselves will not solve a problem unless you learn how to take a template and actually do something with it yourself.

Templates Need a PLAN


So before you even download a template, you should already have a plan in place… you should know:

  1. Where it fits into your current system.
    1. Do you have a system in place? You should!
    2. If you don't know what a system is, then you don't need to download a template... you need to learn how to structure your Notion workspace first.
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      There are templates that provide a structured system for your Notion workspace. These templates sometimes have a cost to them (💰) and require a time investment of learning how to utilize the system within the template.

  2. How much time it’s going to take to integrate the template into your system.
    1. If this template would take too much time to integrate into your current system, you have to decide if the time cost is worth it. How much is your time worth? Yes, your time is valuable!
  3. What problem the template solves.
    1. Did you actually have a problem to solve when you downloaded this template or did you just see it and say “oh this looks nice!”.
    2. "Oh this looks nice!" by itself will not help you. 💡 Remember, function before form... form is important but secondary.
  4. How to properly utilize the template for its intended purpose.
    1. The template should come with instructions on how to use it.
    2. Do these instructions make sense to you or confuse you?
      1. If it's confusing... remember bullet 2.1 ➡️ if this template would take too much time to integrate into your current system, you have to decide if the time cost is worth it. How much is your time worth?

My perspective is that it's better to learn how to cook yourself, rather than always being sent the pre-packaged ingredients to a meal. When you learn how to do this, you can then create (cook) customized templates for yourself that fit perfectly within your own system and workflow and keep you moving forward in achieving your life's goals!

If you need any assistance in learning how to create an organized system in your Notion workspace, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me! I love working with people 1-on-1 so that I can help them create (cook 😉) a system and workflow that fits them personally.


I am a Notion Consultant, Coach, Problem Solver with expertise in the use of Notion, a variety of organized systems, and productive workflows. My goal is to teach you how to utilize and implement Notion into your organized systems and workflow by teaching guided steps in the principles of this robust application.

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Published: Aug 25, 2021 11:01 AM (EDT)