My Response to Franceso D'Alessio's Article...
My Response to Franceso D'Alessio's Article...

My Response to Franceso D'Alessio's Article...

Here is my response to the three main points featured in Francesco D'Alessio's Medium article "Notion Won't Last Forever, But They Could..."

Point #1 πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

πŸ€” So what can Notion learn?

  • Market trends β€” Simply to pay attention to the market trends. Easier said than done. Notion needs to balance team users & solo users alike.


My response to ➑️ πŸ€” So what can Notion learn?

πŸ‘πŸΎ I do agree with Francesco's take on market trends here. Notion does need to make sure to balance the needs of its team users and solo users.

Currently, Notion is in its "growth phase" which is being powered by solo users such as Notion ambassadors, Notion consultants, and Notion template creators. These evangelists are the ones pushing Notion to the forefront and Notion would be wise to continue to support this user base.

Evernote in the past had an Evernote community that was strong in promoting the brand but since then this community inspired promotion has died down to Evernote's downfall in my opinion. Evernote needed to work on the product and NOT do away with the Evernote community push.

  • Innovate and take risks β€” Evernote got comfortable, Notion needs to continue to strive forward with risk-orientated experiments.


My response to ➑️ Innovate and take risks

☝🏾 I disagree with this one ... In the past, I believe that Notion was too "uncomfortable" and innovating too fast while neglecting the back-end structure of the application. This led to the app feeling too slow and at times unusable. Notion has already taken a lot of risks, which is what has lead to it catapulting into the current space that it's in. Notion in my opinion needs to balance "experimenting" with making sure the app works properly. A lot of people are building their brands, businesses, websites, etc. around Notion so the app needs to be stable and efficient.

Point #2 πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

🎯 Will Notion Die?

Let’s break this down into some potential scenarios.

βœ… Yes β€” in 3–4 years β€” 2026+

The API is out. The community is thriving. But where does Notion go from here. If, for demonstrations sake, Notion paused in time β€” focused solely on their current layout and tools. Notion would probably fall wayside and die out in 3–4 years. Much like Evernote, and maybe even earlier, the space for innovation spikes every 2–3 years, giving way to the potential game-changer.


My response to ➑️ βœ… Yes β€” in 3–4 years β€” 2026+ ☝🏾 I don't really follow Francesco's premise here... Notion has some areas it can continue to refine and build on as it goes from API "Beta" to API "Release". The ideas that Notion is going to gain from the API community is going to give them a lot to work on as far as feature sets that they may want to actually build into the functionality of the app itself. Some other areas they will no doubt refine is:

  1. Task management abilities such as recurring tasks.
  2. Alignment structuring within columns.
  3. Better spacing capabilities.

This is just to name a few...

The next point Francesco makes about "if Notion paused in time" would apply to any company. There is extreme competition in this space and any company that decides to stop innovating will get left behind.

❌ No

Dashboard personalisation is where Notion will win. Taking the Notion homepage, plugging it into your life β€” health, energy, notifications and focuses β€” and using it it to customise a layout for you β€” build your own day, so every time you enter Notion β€” everything’s prepared for you.


My response to ➑️ ❌ No πŸ‘πŸΎ I agree with this point but I think Notion will ultimately win because of its flexibility. Dashboards are so useful because Notion is structured in such a way where you can build it according to your own personal creativity and unique needs. To me dashboard personalization is a by-product of Notions #1 strength, which is its flexibility and not the other way around.

Point #3 πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ The Hands-Off Productivity Revolution

Notion are the current market leaders in the productivity space.

They provide a well-created wiki/modular service that users love and want. But in the not to distant future β€” our lives will be all about… β€œhow do we not use productivity apps” β€” our focuses will turn to reducing manual labour and set-up of tools.

Our apps we open will just spring up and plan the day whilst you sleep based on a variety of inputs and outputs that happen around you.

Spending time inside of productivity apps will become almost generational as an organization process. All the legwork will be done for you with no sweat.

If Notion can hit this market, they’re onto a winner. I’ve talked about this a lot with Apple as a good example of potential innovators.


My response to ➑️ πŸ‘‹πŸΌ The Hands-Off Productivity Revolution πŸ‘πŸΎ I agree with the overall point here. The future does lie in A.I. (whether you like it or not πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ), which is why Notion opening up the API is going to help. I believe third-party developers are going to build something special here, which will fit in well with the "flexible" approach that Notion offers. For those that want an integration that makes their dashboards "smart" and more "hands off", they will have the opportunity to plug-in an integration that can take their dashboard to a whole other A.I. powered level! I personally don't believe that Notion would create this feature themselves as a default though.

In Conclusion

Overall, I appreciate Francesco's perspectives in this article. He has a lot of expertise in a wide range of productivity focused applications and he has seen a lot of them come and go. He has a lot of insights in this area and I appreciate him writing this article for us all to benefit from!

Published Aug 26, 2021


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